Bring Your Boots

Texas has always been a state known for its western flare in fashions. When my husband and I travel, my husband’s cowboy hat says, “Howdy, we’re from Texas”. How is Texas able to influence the fashion industry in such a BIG way?  Today more people love to travel than ever before and guess which state was one of top favorites in the US to visit in 2022? Texas!


The tourists not only love Texas itself but they love Texas’ look, mannerisms, hospitality and, of course, our bold taste for fashion. Some of the western fashions of today originated from the states’ Mexican heritage. Fancy embroidery, studded apparel and shoes have been around long before Texas was even a state. The typical western trend has been freshened up thanks to bling, bright colors, a variety of hats and don’t forget about fringe. We love fringe on our jackets, skirts, t-shirts and of course our boots! Last fall we started seeing western boots and tennis shoes with bling! Spring 2023 fashions are promoting bright metallic fabrics to tie back with the assortment of boots with bling. Western hats now come in every color under the sun with fancy embellishments. Yes, felt hats are now worn all year long ladies. The fashion rules your momma taught you can definitely be thrown by the way side. Who’d a thought you’d dare wear suede shoes and booties in the summertime or flip flops in the winter time? The new western trends seem to fit all ages. Young contemporary and the hype missy ladies like to wear jeggings, short skirts and shorts with either tall or short boots. The missy lady, like myself, tend to wear boots with all assortment of jeans, including my bell bottoms! Both age groups like the long flowy dresses with their booties.


Different regions have different seasons. Lady Texans will adjust their look according to everyday practicality. It’s awesome that just about anything goes today. Have fun being your own trend setter.

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