About Us

Mary Eckert, current owner, and her daughter, Hailey.In-Step Fashions is a family-owned, family-oriented business. Evidence that can be seen in the store on a daily basis.  Mary Morin, founded In-Step Fashions back in 1986.  Current Owner, Mary Eckert, and daughter of Mary Morin, have been operating the business since 1992. 

Mrs. Morin, mother of seven, and avid shoe-lover, realized that there were no businesses devoted to providing shoes to the Fredericksburg community. Thus, In-Step was born. The store originally just sold shoes, but eventually branched out into apparel.  It wasn't long before the two Mary's discovered their love of jewelry and started selling jewelry in the store as well.

The first In-Step store was located just two miles out-of-town on Hwy 290 East.  In 1991 the store moved downtown where it currently has been in business for over 30 years!  Mr. Morin purchased the historical building before the real estate business boom hit Fredericksburg's Main Street. This played a big part of In-Step's survival. The building was constructed in 1860 and before Mr. Morin bought the historial building, it served as a grocery/general store, soda factory, auto shop, and site of worship for a mission congregation.  An antique goat cart can always be found out front next to the historical marker.

In-Step Fashions is founded on three generations.  Mary Eckert's daughter, Hailey, ocassionaly goes to market and works in the store as well.  Her insight on today's fashions is highly regarded, and proves that anyone can have great style at any age.

In-Step employees are pros at coordinating outfits or helping clients freshen up wardrobes.  Our customer service is considered the best in town, which is made evident by customers who return to our store year after year.  Our service is complimented on a daily basis, and the only complaint heard is, "Why don't y'all have a Men's Department?" Luckily, our comfy chairs and up-to-date subscriptions to Sports Illustrated keep the gentlemen occupied.

Our store is dedicated to providing unique and comfortable sportswear, shoes, and accessories at reasonable prices.  In-Step makes shopping fun!